Eugene Lee is a coaching authority, international coach developer, 5-time Ironman triathlete, South East Asian Games ex-record holder and speaker. He is recognized as one of Asia’s most prominent triathlon coaches that has also been at the fore of coach and fitness professional education development within the region.

Eugene holds a Bachelor’s degree in sports science and sports management with over 18 years of professional experience as a personal trainer, strength, performance and endurance coach. He has been responsible for maximizing performance, recovery and body composition for exercise enthusiasts, recreational athletes, c-suite executives and a wide variety of elite level competitors including elite triathletes, marathon runners, middle distance track athletes, jumpers and military personnel.

He is also the Founder and Executive Director of ELCA.

Eugene works with individuals from all over the planet, both in-person and remotely. He designs customized programs, provides consultations, and can assist you with performance, injury prevention, body composition, hypertrophy and more. Explore all the options for working with him below.

Existing coach and trainer continuing education workshops will be taught out till December 2019 and will cease from then after. All education programs will then be delivered through a brand new platform at ELCA starting in January 2020.


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